Celebrating Christmas with my one and only @ethelove_ -movies, games, holiday music, presents, snuggling, cooking, wine, puzzles, and gingerbread house making! Thanks for spending christmas time with me baby! and we still got our #Disneyland trip to go to ^^ :) #love #christmas #mistletoe #gingerbread #stellarosa #presents #snowflake #kids #justethelinchristmas2012

Really cool-I love stuff like this! #space shuttle Endeavour on a Boeing 747 (Taken with Instagram)

Fun fact: Architect was a close 3rd place when it came to my career choice. That would’ve been fun! (Taken with Instagram at Walt Disney Concert Hall)

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because its not a goodbye, Lolo. it’s a see you soon.


Definitely need a marathon and finally catch up with these guys haha.

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Rest in peace, Lolo. Love always, Justin.

Dear Lolo,

You passed away earlier today ever since I can’t stop thinking you and how much I miss you. So much of who I am today has come from you—your big heart, your strength, your dedication, your character, your kindness and your love. I love you so much and I am so grateful to you, to Lola, and to God for blessing me with you.

There are so many memories I have of you and being at your home: spending two hours on a stool getting my haircut as a little boy, eating beans everyday to help me grow, eating fish everyday to help me grow smart, watching the news with you, massaging your leg, sleeping over during school nights, running to you for protection when the cops came, hearing stories about you, playing volleyball using a clothesline and a flat basketball, getting the best birthday gifts, going to Vegas, catching birds, BBQ-ing, driving me places, having family get-togethers at your place almost every weekend, and most of all, always having you close by and having your home as a second home. Personally, the happiest moments for me were the ones were I made you most proud. You deserve so much, and so much more after all the hard work and sacrifice—more than I probably could imagine. I really wish you could’ve seen me graduate and I wish I really wish I could’ve said my last goodbye, Lolo.

All sad thoughts aside: I’m happy for you. I’m grateful that you have been alive for so much of my life-21 years is an awfully long time. I’m glad you got to go to Vegas one last time-it made my birthday celebration the best and I was so excited you made it. I’m glad you got to see all of your kids and grand-kids, taking so much of your love and kindness into our lives. I’m happy that you’ll find peace, alongside Lola, and always continue to watch over your family. I will be thinking of you everyday in everything that I do. Rest in peace, Lolo-I love you.

Love always,


1st Tumblr post in several months! Goodbye Spring and hello Summer!

Lots of things are changing it feels. Said goodbye to my third year, being in SPACE, and working for Access Control all in a few days. Going to be working full-time and staying at home over summer—i’m pretty nerv-cited. 

Marina del-Rey! :D Positive vibes and free-kayaking (if you’re a UCLA student). I miss home.